A Room with a View…and a Stripper Pole

A Toyko-based real estate company has created apartments that aim to increase intimacy, along with the census. Developer Rintaro Kikuchi designed konkatsu or “marriage hunting” apartments which feature spacious and airy rooms, balconies with a view of the city, and stripper poles in the living room. Do I have your attention now?

In addition to the removable stripper pole, the living room includes a bathtub as well. What’s with the unorthodox design? Kikuchi believes that the typical tiny, cramped, and poorly designed Japanese apartments are contributing to a decrease in marriage and birth rates in the country.

Along with fewer young people getting married, in 2014, it was estimated that the national birth rate in Japan was 1.4 children per woman. This means that by 2060, the population is expected to go down by a third, and by as much as 61% by 2100.

Konkatsu apartments were designed to combat this problem in an effort to increase intimacy among couples and make sex more fun, even after marriage. The apartments were designed around his belief that couples need space to cook and bathe together.

The apartments are also soundproofed for privacy and listed for 11.3 million yen, or approximately $96,000 USD.

Is it me, or is it stranger to have bathtub in the living room than a stripper pole?

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