Agent Affair Ends with Death Threats

Having a one night stand is not an uncommon phenomenon, but having one with your boss rarely ends well, as was the case with real estate agent Megan Moody in Australia.

The then 31 year old made the poor decision of sleeping with her boss (in her defense, her boss made a poor choice as well) in 2007. Afterwards, things went along smoothly until Moody was fired from her job in 2009. That is when things got weird.

Moody went on to send 161 text messages to her former employer of a threatening nature, including many death threats. One example: “You give me a dead grandmother and I’ll give your parents a dead son. Either way I’m going to kill you.”

She began sending more specific threats including ones with pictures of a baseball bat. The situation deteriorated further when she showed up at her old office brandishing the bat and threatening to harm her former boss, which she reportedly developed an unhealthy obsession with.

Moody ignored suggestions to seek professional counseling, but was later assigned involuntary counseling by a government official. She ultimately was convicted and spent 10 days in jail for her illegal death threats and harassment. Certainly not an upstanding, trustworthy real estate agent you want to hire.

Read more at the Herald Sun.

Update: November, 2014

Megan Moody is in the news again, this time due to her untimely death. While visiting a popular tourist attraction near Sydney, Moody, then 38 years old, fell 23 meters (75 feet) off of a cliff. She was visiting Mermaid Pools in the dark. The death was considered an accident. Read the entire story at the Daily Telegraph.

1 thought on “Agent Affair Ends with Death Threats

  1. You do not know the full story. This was no one night stand and in fact the “boss” you referred to pursued Megan for many months before she entered into a relationship with him that went on for several months. He was described by Meg’s lawyer as an absolute “cad”. He visited her at her grandmother’s house where she moved to, causing her a lot of distress and ultimately to move again as she believed he was stalking her. Others at the particular real estate agency also had eye’s on the said “boss”. which caused conflict and stress while Megan was working there. How about you remove your post, you have know idea what Meg’s life was like including the early childhood abuse she suffered and her dependance on her grandmother who passed away before she meet Paul Vietch in a homeless shelter she fled to. Megan’s life was not easy and her Nan was her lighthouse. Those of us who unconditionally loved her grieve every day for her and your post is ill informed and offensive.

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