Agent Discharged for Mailing Feces to Another Agent

Real estate agents have lots of reasons to mail a package. Forms, paperwork, and maybe even keys could be shipped through the postal service or a company like UPS, FedEx, or DHL. However, agents typically do not mail their… personal refuse… in a package to another agent.

One agent in New Zealand was understandably upset when his commission was reduced by 45% in a dispute settlement with an agent at a competing firm. He did not take it in stride, however, and opted instead to show his frustration with the maturity of a middle school student: he mailed a package full of human feces to the rival agent.

The package contained a glass jar filled with poo that was bubble wrapped for safe shipping. Unfortunately for the recipient, the jar broke in transit and the package came filled with broken glass, feces, and an unfriendly note on the offending agent’s letterhead.

The receiving agent took the package to the police, and the offending agent was charged with sending a noxious substance through the mail, which comes with a maximum $5,000 fine.

The agent had already left his firm as part of the dispute, and may not get back to the level his career was at before the deal went bad. Sending a jar full of feces does not help his case. This agent is clearly not professional or trustworthy.

Lesson learned. The next time you are discharged from a job, do not respond by mailing your own human discharge. Nobody likes a box of poo, and the fallout could come back to haunt you.

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