Bank Gets Foreclosed On

In a rare twist, a Florida couple turned the tables on Bank of America by foreclosing on them! Warren and Maureen Nyergers paid cash for a home in Naples Florida in 2009. At the time of purchase the home was in foreclosure, and the Nyergers bought the home directly from Bank of America.

You can Imagine the Nyergers surprise when they received a foreclosure notice in 2010 from Bank of America. Warren Nyergers made several attempts to contact the bank to have the ordeal resolved. He spoke with branch managers and sent letters to the bank president, however received no response. Finally, the Nyergers were forced to hire an attorney. Two months later the bank dismissed the foreclosure, but made no efforts to apologize nor pay the Nyergers for their legal fees.

The Nyergers then went after their attorney’s fees, and got a judgment against the bank. After five months with no response from Bank of America, they went back to court and got a writ of execution, which gave them permission to seize bank assets in payment.

The Nyergers, their attorney, two sheriff’s deputies, and a moving truck showed up at the local Bank of America branch to collect their payment. The deputies informed the bank manager that he could either pay the Nyergers’ legal fees, or the movers would start taking away the bank’s furniture and cash. The manager checked with his supervisors and gave the deputies a check for $2500. The Nyergers’ attorney described the experience as “sweet justice”.

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