Buyer Wants out of Serial Killer House

Buying a new home is exciting, but requires spending some time on due diligence. As part of the deal, your agent should do some checks into the history of the property. Sometimes that brings up deaths, criminal activity, and other undesirable history. Other times, it brings up nothing, until it is already too late.

Buying a Serial Killer House

Anthony and Rita Bucklew purchased an unassuming property on a lease-to-own agreement with an out-of-state seller. The home, located just outside Denver in Broomfield, Colorado, sits on over five acres and is in one of the best places to live in America. But this house has a different history.

No search told the Bucklew’s that the last person to live in the home is convicted serial killer Scott Lee Kimball. The property is where Kimball is believed to have murdered at least four women and his wife’s uncle, and attempted to murder his 10-year-old son for insurance money.

It was not until a neighbor said hello two weeks after moving in that they learned about the home’s horrific past. A quick online search showed what had happened at the property, then family and friends stopped coming over to visit.

Serial Killer House – No Recourse in Colorado

Colorado is a state that does not require seller disclosure of death on a property, so the seller’s agent looked on quietly when the buyer’s son unknowingly made a joke about a murder in the guest house at the back of the property.

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2 thoughts on “Buyer Wants out of Serial Killer House

  1. Buying a house is dream of every person but find appropriate and exclusive house with reasonable price, your budget criteria is all of things comes under in when you are looking for buying..Buyer wants modern design house but should make your budget first then look forward. Anyways great article you post here . Keep sharing with us !!

  2. in ny the law is the same we do not disclose crime or death or suspected para normal activity. the reason is they have no bearing on the structure of the houses physical intregrity. only time something must be disclosed is a house is known to be…. for instance im sure we have at least heard if not seen the movie of amityvillle horror. and the actual house recently went on the market where a husband killed his family and it was becasue he was allegedly possesed. in this case because there is notoriety it must be disclosed about the history or what is percieved in public eye from media movies etc.
    another instance i heard when taking my re licensing class was about a house that was supposedly haunted. the owner was on talk show after talkshow , books were written etc. a couple years later bought the house and they saw there new house on a a daytime talk show and freak out and went to court and sued the former owner. welll bc of it being known on tv and books written that shoudl of been disclosed at listing time. the judge reversed the sale.

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