Is Buying Property on the Moon a Good Investment?

Buying Property on The Moon

The Moon via Wikimedia Commons User Exoplanet Expert

The Quora real estate section can lead to many interesting topics from real estate investments to a first home purchase, but this question about buying property on the moon really takes the cake.

Buying Property on the Moon: Is it Legal?

The first thing to consider when looking at one of the few “lunar registry” site that claim the ability to sell you plots on the moon is whether or not such a purchase is even legal. According to the United Nations, it is not legal for a country to own the moon, but it makes no mention of individuals. Summarized by Quora user Ellery Davies:

The 1967 United Nations Outer Space Treaty states that no country can own the moon or lay claim to any part of it. But the treaty says nothing about individual land claims, and so I am technically free to sell or lease lunar real estate.

So technically, you can own part of the moon. But that leads to other issues and questions.

Buying Property on the Moon: Is it Enforceable?

As the common saying goes, “possession is nine tenths of the law.” So how well will your claim hold up in court when you have never been there, and have no conceivable way of visiting? Probably not very well.

Further, there is no regular presence of anyone on the moon, let alone a legal system that applies there. Let’s put this in the “no” bucket. If you buy property on the moon, you most likely will not be able to enforce your claim.

Buying Property on the Moon: Is it a Good Investment?

Seeing as you have no way to go there and no way to enforce your claim, buying property on the moon probably does not make for a good investment. It would be incredibly difficult to resell, as there is no real demand for moon property.

In fact, property on the moon doesn’t even meet the fundamentals of a good real estate investment. There is no market for it, and you can’t make any money renting it out.

Buying property from a lunar registry is really nothing more than spending money for a fancy certificate. If you are doing that, you’re better off with shares of stock. If you are serious about real estate investing on Earth, find a trustworthy real estate agent today.

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