Celebrity Agents: Top Agents or Really Rotten Agents?

Celebrity agents are making their way to TV screens around the country, and these agents are making big news for selling some of America’s largest multi-million dollar penthouses and mega-mansions from coast to coast. But are these agents as trustworthy as they seem?

Celebrity Agents: Veteran or Lucky Newcomer?

Ryan Serhant of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing New York” didn’t have much of a career before getting featured on the show. The aspiring actor turned agent is now a leader in the top producing real estate team in New York, but how much of that success is due to his television fame? Most of it, it appears.

He admits he used to stare at the phone waiting for it to ring. But now, he can leverage that TV real estate fame to be hired as the listing agent on properties selling for tens of millions of dollars.

“Five years later, do people call? Absolutely. I also use it to get in the door. Otherwise I would never be able to get with that buyer, that seller or developer.”

Celebrity Agents: From Success to Real Estate Superstardom

David Parnes of “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” has a longer real estate background, but still attributes more modern success to TV. Parnes and his partner sold $165 million in real estate in their first five years in business, but are looking to hit $600 million next year alone.

Now, to be clear, just because a celebrity agent was featured on a TV show does not make them a poor quality agent. Excellent agents can use TV as a great marketing platform to launch their careers to the next level of success. However, just being on TV does not make a celebrity agent a good agent.

Find a Quality Agent for Your Sale

Whether your home is worth $100,000 or $100,000,000, it is important to find an agent who is qualified, experienced, and an expert in selling the type of home you want to sell. Fame does not necessarily mean experience.

When you are looking for an agent, start with these six vital interview questions to make sure your agent is qualified.

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