Crime Isn’t Just for the Poor

Residents of high-end neighborhoods are used to feeling safe around their homes and communities, but times may be changing for some who have been targeted by violent crime in the Dallas, Texas area.

Stories like this Dallas mugging are becoming more frequent in luxury neighborhoods. In the case of this mugging crime, a white sedan approached a woman taking her groceries to the car from a Whole Foods store. She was thrown to the ground and her $90,000 diamond ring was stolen, along with designer sunglasses and a fake diamond necklace.

Visitors to the high-end NorthPark Center and Dallas Galleria shopping centers have been targeted in the crime wave. These shopping malls are home to luxury department stores including Barneys, Nordstrom, and Nieman Marcus.

Property owners are right to be concerned, as nearby crime can lower home values. If you have any doubts, talk to a trusted real estate agent for ideas to protect your home value and advice on how to respond.

When you are out shopping, be sure to follow best practices to avoid a parking lot holdup. If at all possible, avoid going into large parking lots alone at night, and do your best to avoid flaunting expensive jewelry and items. Even an Apple Store bag may lead to unexpected violent crime.

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