Dead Body Found in Garage

dead body in car
Real estate investors commonly buy homes in “as is” condition. this often leads to cleaning out nasty messes from prior owners and tenants, and usually results in bringing on a cleaning crew or remodeling part of the home. However, you rarely expect to take ownership of a home to find the body of the previous owner rotting in the garage.

Investor Matthew Everly stumbled on a body sitting in a car in the garage of a home he purchased in Cape Canaveral, Florida. When he arrived to inspect the home for the first time, he was shocked to find a dead body in the garage, already badly decomposed and unrecognizable. He called police and they were forced to check dental records to confirm the identity of the corpse, believed to be the prior owner.

‘We just looked in the car and seen something unusual that you don’t like to see everyday. Looking kind of closer you could see it was a body,’ he said.

Everly said they found what appeared to be skeletal remains in a dress in the passenger seat of the car.

Investigators couldn’t confirm the position of the body, but one witness said the head was on the floor board on the passenger’s side.

Generally before selling a home an agent, trustee, or family member would check the home to clear out valuables and the body of the prior owner, but in the wild world of real estate, you never know what you’ll stumble upon when buying a foreclosed or repossessed home. In this case, it appears the bank lost communication with the owner and assumed she had abandoned the property. Before selling it off, they should have checked in the garage.

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