Deceiving Photos May Result in $22,000 Fine

Deceiving photos happen in real estate from time to time. Photos are always taken to make a room look as big as possible and show a property in a positive light. Few, however, go as far Australian agent Ray White, who had an ugly neighboring building removed from photos completely.

The property in question is a single family home that sits right next to a large, ugly water tower. In the photos used in White’s listings, the water tower is not visible in the picture. You can only see blue sky.

Is this immoral? Certainly. Is it illegal? That all depends on how you look at the laws surrounding real estate listings in Australia and exactly what White did in his photos.

According to White’s agency, the photos were simply taken at an angle where the water tower was not visible. According to others, however, White had the images edited using a program like Photoshop to replace the water tower with blue sky.

This does not appear to be against any Australian real estate laws. However, it does run afoul of New South Wales’ advertising laws. This province, the same as a state in the United States, has specific laws against false advertising. If White did have the images edited, he certainly broke the false advertising law. Even if the photos were just taken at an angle to hide the water tower, they are still deceiving photos.

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