Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite, Unless You Have A Good Lawyer

Bed bugs can hop on someone’s clothes while sitting on a friend’s couch or jump in a suitcase on a hotel stay. A few hours later, you are on the way to a full bed bug infestation.

While the bugs were busy invading luxury hotels, schools, and city offices in New York City, it is tough to deal with the critters when you live in a multi-unit building, as many New York residents do. Even worse is when you live in a rental and your landlord ignores your pleas for assistance.

During a 2010 pandemic, bed bugs reached over 50% of New York City buildings. While homeowners and hotels know who has to foot the bill for cleanup, renters had a harder time.

Most landlords were quick to skirt the blame on the bedbug issue, but if a landlord knew about a building bed bug problem and did not disclose it, they are liable for the cleanup costs according to New York law.

Collecting a rent abatement or reimbursement is not always easy, but if you have a good lawyer on your side, things are much easier. According to a story at New York real estate news site The Real Deal, tenants all over the city have been busy suing landlords over bed bug infestations.

One attorney shared that roughly 40% of his clients were able to achieve financial relief through the legal system, but was quick to mention that landlords should take steps to solve the problem on their own without involving the courts. But if the problem goes ignored, legal recourse may be the only option left.

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