Eliminate Your Mortgage Payment While Living In Your Dream House

How can you live in the house of your dreams without paying for it? Steal it! Eliminate your mortgage payment by becoming a squatter. Better yet, upgrade while sticking it to the Banker Man! Why live in your $150,000 house when you can break into and squat in a $1.9 Million house? What’s the worse that can happen, jail? In jail they give you free food and a free room. No matter what happens, you get a free place to live.


You used OPM (Other People’s Money), now start using OPH (Other People’s Houses).

For those of you who don’t know what squatting is, here’s how it works.

1. Find an unoccupied house owned by the bank.
2. Move in that house and claim it’s yours.
3. Forge a document showing ownership (optional)
4. Make the bank evict you.
5. Get evicted.
6. Start searching for your next house.
7. Go to Step 1 and repeat.

What do you get? FREE RENT for years!

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Because you broke the law, you get the option of going to jail. That’s right, free rent and free food!!!!

What are you waiting for? Start squatting today!

I wrote this with an infomercial theme in mind, but I bet someone’s already working on a real one.

Squatting is a real problem in our housing market.
See original article for details. http://www.housingwatch.com/2010/06/28/squatter-stakes-claim-to-seattle-homes-says-she-is-sticking-it/

3 thoughts on “Eliminate Your Mortgage Payment While Living In Your Dream House

  1. “Eliminating the mortgage payment while living in the dream house is really a bad practice and risky too. One should not do this because it can result into legal penalties. “

  2. That is a pretty risky thing to do, but I can’t help but think…can it be done? I wouldn’t mind living in a 10 millions dollar home.

    • Screwing the big evil banks because you feel they wronged you by giving you lots of money to buy a house and expecting you to pay it back, is becoming a regular occurrence in the news today. Makes me feel like an idiot for following the rules. Ah the curse of being moral and ethical. If you are lacking in the moral and ethical department you are guaranteed a free place to live if you do what I mocked in the article. Your free home will either be the house you’re stealing or jail. Best of all, with jail, they’ll throw in free cable, maid service and food too. A win-win in my book.

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