Don’t Divorce, Get a Better Agent

Many long time married couples know the stresses that can come up in a relationship. After years living in a small space together, some couples are pushed to the edge and consider leaving their partner, who they once agreed “till death do us part.”

One clever real estate agent in Toronto decided to put a spin on this common thought. He figured that if close quarters are driving you crazy, a bigger house might give each of you a little more “me space” to be away from your spouse, and save your marriage.

His classy advertisement joined the Toronto skyline as he advertised: “Don’t Get a Divorce, Get a Bigger House!”

Most agents would not stoop so low as to suggest spending money on a new home could save an ailing marriage, but as we know, there are some really rotten agents out there that try to profit on just about anything.

Smart real estate owners would know this is just a silly advertisement, but some people might get duped. For them, we say that maybe instead of looking for a bigger house, you should get a better agent.

See a picture of the billboard courtesy of Candy’s Dirt, a Dallas based real estate blog.