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Halloween by Salvatore Vuono – used with permission by freesdigitalphotos.net

Agents specializing in niche markets is nothing new to real estate, but specializing in the buying and selling of haunted houses is something I’ve never seen… until now.  Are you looking for a house with a ghostly presence?  The San Diego Paranormal, and Medium, Bonnie Vent can help your real estate agent find that perfect haunted house to fit your needs.  Their website lists several houses, currently occupied by ghostly tenants.  Some of the descriptions of the goings on in these houses may effect resale value somewhat.  Here are a few of the paranormal activity descriptions of the houses for sale on that site.  Here are a few:

“Shadow people; moving bricks in basement; photo of female shadow in basement window; candle flames shot unexplainable out of control; feeling of possession; fell down the stairs (like something forced me); various noises; heaviness; eerie vibes.  House is vacant.  Something did not want us there but may gladly welcome another.”

Personally, I think the shadow people can keep that house.  No kidding the house is vacant.  I bet it stays that way.

“Husband has seen images walking through the house, heard things in cupboards and heard doors slam.  Our daughters have seen kids and people in the home. Lights just come on. The upstairs bedroom curtain draw back like someone is looking out the window. A spindle from an old rocking chair was embedded into the 14 ft. ceiling when we were away one afternoon.”

That would be the last rocking chair I ever put in that place.

“The house has two house “guests,” one makes your arm tingle, the other one rushes past. Both are manageable, entertaining.”

I’ve never found arm tingling a form of entertainment.  Actually, it’s the first sign of a stroke.

“We’ve witnessed slamming sliding closet doors, sounds of music upstairs, the scent of purfume around the house, hair-like tickling sensations, manipulation of toilet.”

This house is philandering husband friendly.  What perfume smell?  Oh, that must be our ghost that you smell on my shirt.  And no dear, I didn’t leave the toilet seat up.

“Dogs growl up at the stairway, heavy footsteps up the stairs, sounds of person “falling” down in attic, boxes falling in attic when it is empty, light bulbs “pop” after electrician says there is ‘no problem’, things ‘disappear’ and never return, some return in different places. Hearing far-off voices, etc.  Nothing has ever been mean or frightening.”

I wonder how they define “frightening.”

“The house was written up in local paper for being haunted. Loud footsteps, falling chairs, my wife saw a woman in our house, and don’t get me started on my dog’s weird behavior. Cabinet doors opening at the same time, two attached key rings found separated, etc….”

Obviously, they weren’t thinking about resell value when they were talking to that reporter.

“Saw a full body of an old woman in a white dress.  Unexplained smells like a woman’s perfume.  Doors opening and closing recent updates upset spirits.  Empty for almost a year.  No power to the house and still I get high EMF readings and gotten a few EVP’s in baby’s room.   The last straw was when my daughter wasn’t sleeping because we always heard disembodied voices in her room. House has been empty for a year I go and mow the lawn every few weeks in the summer and my neighbor will say she see’s children playing in the front of the house at night in 1950’s clothes every so often.”

Important tip:  Never use the words “last straw” when describing a house you’re trying to sell.

“Various area psychics and paranormal investigative groups have documented proof it is haunted. Lights on & off, moving objects, apparitions, orbs, cabinets/doors opening and closing, doors locking, moaning sounds.”

Documented proof?  Bet she’s just saying that to get a higher price because she has “certified ghosts.”

“Lights turn on and off, full bodied apparition, humming sounds, front door unchains and opens itself. Plates in kitchen have flown off shelves and shattered. People reported looking at the house before I purchased it and wouldn’t go in due to an “eerie feeling” they get.  I lived in the house until November when my daughter was 3 months old because the activity seemed to get worse. As of now I am not living in this house and I intend to sale it fast.”

New owner may want to use paper plates, if there is a new owner.

“Orbs in pictures, lights flashing, doorbell rings unexplained. Noises upstairs. During recent investigation with local ghost hunters, one of ghost hunters was pulled into a closet (I was a witness to this). During clearing ceremonies flames shot up 3 feet and spiraled.  I am the realtor representing this client and would love to sell this to a “ghost” friendly buyer. This area of NW Florida is also very famous for the “Gulf Breeze UFO’s”..Gulf Breeze is a short 3 1/2 miles from this house. Very open community to the paranormal.”

Would love to see this homeowner’s Sellers Disclosure Form and sit in on this agent’s next open house when he tries to disclose the “was pulled into the closet” incident in a positive light.

“One time I was standing in the Family Room and a glass vase that was on the mantel flew off and shattered against the wall!! There was a man walking in the basement and he disappeared into a wall… when my family lived here growing up… my grandmother had seen a little girl in her room (master bed) and she talked to the little girl and in the garden the little girl made a flower that has still never died! This little girl told my grandmother that, that is where she buried her (black) cat!  There was an Exorcism that took place in the 3rd bedroom and 10 people have died there, a whole family in the 1800’s!”

I think I would make that 3rd bedroom an office or better yet, storage.  However, the guest bedroom for out-of-town guests, that like to overstay their welcome, may be a possibility.

If the demand for haunted houses increases, I wonder if The National Association of Realtors will come up with a Paranormal Housing Expert (PHE) designation to compete with all the other designations Realtors can choose from.  Wonder how some of these houses would be described in MLS?

Ever have a listing like one of these?  Wonder how some of these houses would be described in their MLS listing?

The San Diego Paranormal website can be found at http://www.sdparanormal.com/Haunted_House_Listings.html.  Listings of haunted houses can be found at the bottom half of the webpage.  See, I’m not making this stuff up.

40 thoughts on “Haunted Listings – Real Haunted Houses For Sale

  1. Maybe these people who are buying and selling houses can’t think of anything to do with their money LOL. I want to see an advertisement of them in the newspaper. Interesting and funny at the same time.

    • Imagine the Realtor showing the home to clients while trying to put an optimistic spin on the haunting disclosure while objects are flying across the room. I’m thinking tough sell.

      • One religion’s paranoia is another atheist’s goldmine. Really? Floating crap? Haha. Than again, why would someone make rumors that depreciate the value of the house? I guess religion CAN house the poor.

  2. if a house is considered haunted, will the property value of that house go down? Are the owners of the home required to tell potential buyers of the house that its haunted? What would happen to the house if nobody ever bought it because it was haunted?

    • Winona:
      If it’s a noticeable haunting, I think it’s safe to assume that most people wouldn’t consider living in a haunted house without getting a big price reduction. However, if the right person comes along, looking for a haunted house, they may be willing to pay more due to it’s rarity. However finding that person may take some serious effort, if it ever happens at all. Required disclosures vary by state but let’s face it, if objects are floating across the room and things start attacking you then law or not, it’s probably best to disclose. It may be a different matter if the house you live in is rumored to be haunted, but you’ve never seen any proof.

      If nobody bought it, either the homeowner would have to keep it or abandon it. If they default on the loan, the bank would foreclose on it but if they didn’t have a mortgage then the city’s abandonment fines and unpaid county taxes would probably force the county to claim it and auction it off at a tax lien sale. In either case, the haunting probably wouldn’t be known and the viscous cycle repeats.

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    • Being that there is no scientific proof of ghosts and goblins, and being that there are no politics regarding fairytales, its probably not legally required for you to discolse your schizophrenia diagnosis.

      However if there was a tangible event, such as a murder, or house fire that may cause structural damage, the events must be disclosed.

      • If those sightings are shared by others, then it’s hardly schizophrenia. And disclosure laws do apply in some states, just like a murder. It’s considered a stigma and some states require it be disclosed. Not all, but some.

          • Sheree:
            What’s the link to your YouTube video? How haunted is haunted? Casper haunted or Amityville haunted? If it’s not a dangerous haunting, you might want to first look for “haunted house for sale” sites and see if they have a way for you to promote your house using the haunting as a feature. If not, you might want to consult with a priest in the local community to schedule either a house blessing or exorcism to try to persuade the spirit to move on. If you get rid of the haunting, then it may not be so hard to sell using the normal home selling methods.

  3. Selling a haunted house would be a great challenge to the seller. Surely, buyers would doubtfully buy the house because of its creepiness.

    • In some cases, haunted houses increase value, as religious folk, and oddity collectors love the idea of ghosts, some are willing to pay more.

      Dracula’s Manor is now for sale. Check the price. Some elitist billionaire can start a private military base in that house alone! Haha

  4. Well, I don’t think selling a haunted house is good in the market, even if we know a lot of people are really looking for a place to stay and be safe. But in a way haunted house can be salable also to those people who are into producing some horror movies and also for those people who wanted to be in a different ambiance of a home, it may sounds weird though but we must admit that there are certain people who loved to be in that kind of house.

    • Imagine how large the seller’s disclosure statement would be in this situation. Can’t imagine “a feeling of being choked” is something that can be favorably spun as a selling feature. But, I guess a challenge like this is what separates the good agents from the bad.

      • As a paranormal investigator I can say that unless you have done a few investigations and developing a sense of what does and does not feel right. Most people that buy homes that have claims of activity will most likely never know the home to be haunted until they have lived in or visited the home regularly.
        85% of Haunting s can be debunked. Paranormal Investigators spend thousands of dollars on equipment to determine what is fact and what is not. I may be wrong but I do not think there are disclosure laws in place. I have talked with many real estate agents not many concerned with Paranormal activity. Many of your older home such as ones with Historic significance are sold as is. This Voids disclosure and saves the Agent or seller a great deal of grief.
        If Paranormal Activity was a part of disclosure I would have an investigation each day of the week determining what is and what is not Haunted.

        • Elements of a Haunting :

          Hauntings sometimes affect a location such as an old cemetery or historic battleground. More commonly, they affect homes and businesses where people work and live. A haunting is an assortment of seemingly unexplainable events that often appear to be paranormal in nature.

          Usually these events are tied to a specific location. A common assumption is that ghosts or spirits cause hauntings, The most common elements of a haunting includes:

          Unexplainable sounds such as footsteps, bangs, scratching, screams, whispering or music
          Strange smells
          Lights, orbs, or moving shadows
          Physical symptoms such as cold areas of a room, headaches, or being “touched” by unseen objects
          Objects moving such as doors, water taps, light switches or ornaments
          Animals, such as dogs or cats, reacting to an unseen presence
          Human or animal figures or apparitions are sometimes seen

          A location is considered “haunted” when many of these apparently paranormal events occur often, many people witness them, and they cannot be explained by any natural causes.

        • Mike:
          I don’t think “sold as is” voids disclosure laws. If they did, every home would be sold “as is.” Different states have different rules regarding disclosure. I think the biggest problem a Realtor will have with “haunted houses” is that in most cases, it’s not a proven defect. Unless it’s a Hollywood style haunting that chases every potential buyer to the curb, it’s hard to know if it’s real or not. If the seller didn’t disclose it, the Realtor would have no way of knowing. Also, if “haunted” was a benefit, how could the Realtor offer it as a feature without any proof.

          Your service could be as valuable as a home inspection or termite inspection especially if you could remove the paranormal guest. What removal options are there? I’ll have to admit I know nothing about paranormal removal except that you DO NOT CROSS THE STREAMS.

  5. I’m looking for a haunted victorian home. I don’t want it to be inhabbited by a demon though. Can you help me?

    • Kayla:
      Yes, watch season 1 of American Horror Story and see if that doesn’t change your mind. I’m not exactly an expert in the undead. I suggest that any truths you want revealed about the house will best be found by talking to the neighbors. Most neighbors love gossip, and what better gossip than rumors of demonic possession. Remember, the homeowners want to sell the house so they might paint a rosy picture of the hauntings. The homeowners know that demons don’t sell houses, but cute little Casper-like ghosts do.

  6. Thank you. I live in North Carolina and I have always been interested in the paranormal. I am 18 and my boyfriend is going to move in with me. I want a house we can raise a family in. That’s why I don’t want a demon in the house we pick.

  7. My boyfriend is over 8 feet tall and finding a home he can stand up in is very difficult. He and I want a family but I am afraid we are having troble finding a good haunted home that does not have a demonic intity inhabbiting it.

    • I’m not sure the information you are looking for is easily available. Best of luck finding your friendly haunt haunted house.

  8. I have to admit you made house hunting fun. We are looking to find a house near La Mesa, CA and I am not looking for a haunted one.

  9. I am a real estate broker in Colorado who specializes in the sale of “haunted” properties. I currently have one for sale that was recently featured on Ghost Adventures. It is in the mountains on 1/2 acre, and is available for $175,000. Contact me for details:

    • Paul:
      Can you share with us some of your adventures and stories selling paranormal properties? I’m curious. Your real estate career must be anything but typical. Please share. Also what have you experienced with this property? Also, how many haunted properties do you run across in Colorado?

  10. I am also curious. What ebisode of Ghost Adventyres was it on? What is the name given to this property? I am dying to know. It sounds very interesting. I am a big fan of Ghost Adventures.

  11. I hardly leave a response, however I browsed a great deal of responses here Haunted Listings –
    Real Haunted Houses For Sale. I do have 2 questions for you
    if you tend not to mind. Is it simply me or do some of these remarks appear like they are coming from XXXXXX XXXX folks?

    😛 And, if you are writing on other sites, I’d like to keep up with everything fresh you have to post. Could you list of all of all your public sites like your twitter feed, Facebook page or linkedin profile?

    • Elias:
      Some people are really excited about the possibility of owning a house with paranormal activities. Personally, I don’t like uninvited vagrants living in my home, dead or alive.

      Yes, I am writing on other sites:
      The AgentHarvest Blog – http://www.agentharvest.com/blog/
      Really Rotten Realty on Facebook -http://www.facebook.com/pages/Really-Rotten-Realty/115996598437225
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      Me on Twitter – twitter.com/billpetrey

      Thanks for your inquiry.


  12. I’m really curious to know how cheap does a real haunted estaste go for? I’ve lived in many haunted places but found nothing that really scares me, the dead can’t hurt you just make you hurt yourself once you understand this its quite easy to deal with it.

    • I’m not exactly sure, but I bet if the haunting is obvious enough to not be denied, then it has to affect the price of the house. If the paint color affects the price, why shouldn’t fearing for your life? The reason I’m thinking prices have to be lower for majorly haunted houses is because most people don’t want to deal with it. Therefore, the potential number of interested buyers drops dramatically and that drop in buyers always leads to a drop in price.

    • Im curious as to how many people beleive there is even such things as a “real” haunted house.

      • I do to some extent. There were lots of hauntings in the area I was born. I’ve met too many normal people that have shared their experiences. I’m not talking UFO tin hat conspiracy people, or fruitcakes that look for any opportunity to chant and burn nasty smelling stuff, but real normal people.

  13. As a kid, my elders told me not to beleive in ghosts and gouls and skeletons. But here we are, fully grown adults lowering house prices because the pipes make ticking noises. Hah! Im gonna only buy haunted or cursed belongings from now on. More affordable.

    • Can I ask why you are here cstar? If you don’t beleive? Just curious. Maybe a part of you does. I lived in an old late 1800’s rental for a couple years and quite a few strange things happened. Nothing physical toward any of us, or threatening, but the night the attict door opened and slammed shut, removed all doubt about the activities being our imagination. I had to put my foot on the wall to pull that door open and it always had to be slammed shut. It sure wasn’t the wind. And the dog jumping up from the loud bang, removed all doubt that it happened in my head. Just sayin

      • I have a similar story…

        My parents lived in a house where the previous owner died of old age. The bed he died in was sold with the house to my family because it was too hard to disassemble. My aunt, never knowing the bed’s history, slept in it one night and the next morning described an apparition appearing at the foot of the bed. Our neighbor, visiting at the time, heard the story and as my Aunt described the apparition’s appearance and immediately recognized the description as the person that died in that bed. It’s always been a favorite family story, as well as a few other strange occurrences in the house. Years later, I inherit the house and sell it. I was able to get the right tools necessary to disassemble the bed so I was able to take it with me. I had it in storage for years until my son and daughter were born. We set it up in the play room/guest room. When my daughter was 3 or 4, she mentioned seeing an old man in that room (and only in that room) and mentioned that he kept touching her head. The neighbor that nursed him during his final days described him as a kind, gentle man, so we’ve never been afraid. However, once we moved the bed back in storage to replace it with a hide-a-bed sleeper my daughter never had another sighting.

  14. Believing in a religion, or belief in a God has nothing to do with accepting paranormal phenomena. If people would do some research they’d discover that there’s a plethora of emperical scientific evidence (spanning over the last 150 years) supporting the paranormal, psi and even an afterlife. Like myself, an agnostic, there are many agnostics and even some atheists who are open-minded in accepting the paranormal.

    • Interesting. I never thought of it from an athiest point of view. I always assumed a connection between an afterlife, and a religious belief in the afterlife. Curious how do you separate the two?

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