House Squatting – Why Buy Or Rent When You Can Just Squat

Recently, Randy Quaid brought the illegal act of squatting into mainstream news, but really, there’s nothing new about it.  Apparently squatting in really expensive homes has hit the news in a lot of major areas in the US.  Some squatters are even able to get the utilities turned on and brazen enough to move all of their belongings into the house and make it their home.  Squatting is becoming a big problem in major US cities.  It used to be a problem faced by areas with low cost housing, but now, it’s being done in mansions that sit vacant due to foreclosure.  Of course the squatter feel justified since they’re “sticking it to the banks.”   Some people are really going to extremes, like using the house for parties, some of which are quite extravagant.

If you were so bold, who’s house would you be a squatter in, assuming it was vacant?  My pick is The Biltmore.  Doubt they’d even notice me in that one.

For those who are squatters, how do you justify it?  We want to know.

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