Man Stabbed With A Real Estate Sign

Sure a real estate sign is an effective tool to sell your house, but I bet you didn’t know it makes a pretty nice weapon too.  One man discovered this the hard way when he was impaled on a real estate sign.  North Fort Meyers, Florida deputies were called out to handle an assault at River’s Edge Mobile Home Park.  When they arrived at the scene, they discovered Zeke Smith had been stabbed.  While stabbings in Fort Meyers aren’t an unusual occurrence, the fact that the weapon was a real estate sign instead of a knife made it quite newsworthy.

There are conflicting accounts of who started it and what happened, but we know for sure that Smith and two other people were involved in an altercation and that altercation ended with a real estate sign sticking out of Smith.  Whether he was stabbed with it or was impaled on it when he rushed the other people involved is being determined.  Witnesses go both ways.  Smith sustained a punctured left lung and was rushed to the hospital.

2 thoughts on “Man Stabbed With A Real Estate Sign

  1. Was the stabbing victim the real estate agent? If karma would have had anything to do with it, it would have been the agent that solicited business at the funeral.

  2. Brent:
    My source stories are inconsistent. Naturally I wondered too. One story suggests that he was a property manager while several others suggest he was an interested buyer and another reported him to be an agent. However, I can confirm that he was NOT the agent that tried to solicit me at my grandmother’s funeral.

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