My Neighbor is an A**hole

If you hate your neighbor, you are not alone in the world. We all hope that we can become friendly with our neighbors just like the women of Desperate Housewives, but in reality some neighbors are wonderful and others leave something to be desired. In the worst case, you end up living next to someone who is, well, an a**hole.

One homeowner got so fed up he decided it was time to move, but not before taking a jab at the man next door. While only he knows if he actually expected this for sale by owner sign to work, he placed a sign in his New Jersey front yard with big red letters proclaiming: “House For Sale By Owner Because My Neighbor’s an A**hole.”

Other great for sale signs featured in this article at the Daily Mail discuss pending death, martial infidelity, financial hardship, and even an offer for a chicken that comes with an apartment for rent.

And, if you think these signs are not enough, a couple of agents added notes to their signs to let you know that while the price has been reduced on a home, they are “not stupid or desperate” and will pass on low ball offers. And for the haunt enthusiasts, you may pass on the last home for sale, which is listed as “not haunted” on the sign in the front yard.

What is the best, or worst, yard sign you’ve seen on a home for sale? Please leave your best in the comments.