Open House Robbery: Be Vigilant to Protect Yourself

When you host an open house at your home, dozens of strangers may walk through your home unattended. Most people are genuinely looking at your home’s features, but not everyone is as they seem. Several people were victims of a open house robbery, but you don’t have to be.

In Colorado Springs, a woman was arrested after visiting several open houses over a period of a few weeks. Each house she visited was a target, and she made off with valuable items like jewelry at each stop.

If you are hosting an open house, think of security before everything else. Hiding your valuables might not be enough. Lock away jewelry, money, small electronics, prescription drugs, and papers that could be used for identity theft before the doors open.

Also consider setting up security cameras around the home to deter would-be snoopers and catch anyone who does something bad. The Colorado Springs woman was captured thanks to several vigilant people who paid attention to her vehicle, a Green Jeep Cherokee. The vehicle description led police straight to the woman, who was apprehended and charged.

Follow these tips to keep yourself safe when hosting an open house:

  • Lock away valuables, or take them somewhere safe outside the house
  • Lock away any papers that could be used for identity theft
  • Lock away prescription medications, particularly pain killers
  • Urge your agent to bring another party with for additional supervision
  • Put up security cameras to monitor home visitors
  • Take note of vehicles as they arrive as a precaution

While the bad guy was caught this time, everyone is not so lucky. Be a smart seller and work with your agent to get the best price for your home while keeping yourself, and your possessions, safe and secure.

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