Pimping Real Estate By Using Sex

To get buyers’ attention, real estate agents are resorting to sexual images in ads to sell real estate listings.  Here are a few examples.

These Aussies are using “bait and switch” by showing a beautiful woman then ripping you away from that to beg you to buy their condo.  Talk about cold shower.  They could have been more clever by having a beautiful woman casually posing in each room, sitting on the couch, laying across the bed, naked in the tub.  Let your imagination run wild.  Mine is.

If you’re looking for a postcard mailer that would make you stand out from all the other Realtors, this ActiveRain blogger might have stumbled upon the one card that might get noticed and not just tossed in the trash.

Source: http://activerain.com/blogsview/1149940/using-sexy-postcards-to-sell-luxury-estate-

5 thoughts on “Pimping Real Estate By Using Sex

  1. Does this really exist? cause in the place where I use to live, they advertise sexual images for them to sell a house, Marketing strategy works well.

    • Kate:
      Yes, these links are to real sites and products. I’m not really sure why they work because most of the images are female and most of the decision makers are buyers. I think pictures of families playing in the home or cooking in the home or playing ball in the backyard would trigger stronger buy emotions.

  2. I guess you are right. why don’t they plan something else to attract more not like this. I think this will destroy the reputation of real estate.

    • Kate:
      The thing about it is that it works. It may not sell a house, but it does attract attention and got the listing agency mentioned in the news. After all, I wrote about it on RRR. Not sure I would have written about a MLS picture of a woman wearing an apron, cooking soup. Unless of course that’s all she was wearing. Agents are desperately trying to get noticed during this tough market. And this definitely gets them noticed. But does it sell the house or distract from it?

  3. Wow, unbelievable that this actually exists! Awful. Excellent blog however, raises awareness effectively.

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