Real Estate Agent Accused of Sexual Staging

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A Maple Grove, Minn. couple has filed a lawsuit against a real estate brokerage company and agent alleging the agent used their home for sexual encounters while they were out of the country.  Apparently there still are a few FULL service real estate agents out there.  I’m not sure what the real story is here.  Is it that the agent used a client’s home for sexual escapades or is the real story that those sexual escapades result in a $7000 cost to clean or replace the soiled furniture, bedding, carpet and other things.

While his career in real estate may be coming to a close, I think the adult industry may have a few job openings for his acrobatic act.  Definitely think he should leave home staging up to the professionals.


There are also allegations that either he or the man he was accused of being romantically involved with in the home, may have also charged $1,300 to the homeowner’s American Express account.  This additional article also gives a little more info about the damages during their alleged escapade.

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