Some Real Estate Agents You Just Don’t Mess With

Most real estate disputes are over ownership and terms for residential and commercial property. However, sometimes other real estate is the subject of a dispute. A real estate investor in was so heated in an argument over a parking space that he shot and killed another man in Tennessee.

The then 61 year old investor Harry Ray Coleman parked his Hummer, a large sport utility vehicle, in a space next to a GMC Yukon, another large SUV. The owner of the Yukon, 52 year old Robert Schwerin, became incensed that the Hummer was parked so close to the Yukon.

Profanities and insults were exchanged in a heated debate, and Coleman’s wife poked Schwerin in the chest while telling him off, and Schwerin shoved her out of the way. At that point, Coleman “feared for his family’s safety” and shot and killed Schwerin, right in front of his three children aged 16 to 22.

His children testified that while their father was acting inappropriately, he posed no threat to Coleman or his wife in any way. Both parties had ingested alcohol earlier in the evening, and Schwerin’s blood alcohol level was 0.14 percent, which may have played a part in his behavior.

Coleman was convicted of 2nd degree murder. This is one rotten real estate investor that you certainly don’t want to mess with.

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