Real Estate Agent Public Opinion on the Rise

Of all professions, some have a worse reputation than others. Lawyer jokes aside, one profession worthy of mixed reviews is real estate. Thanks to a few bad eggs, all industry colleagues find themselves fighting a reputation for chasing a quick buck and unethical dealings.

Thankfully, that trend is changing. A Gallup poll found that real estate professionals have the highest ever public opinion in the history of the poll. People think higher of agents than ever before!

Despite the rotten agents who’s stories fill these pages, the good agents are emerging victorious. Of those surveyed, 20% say their opinion of real estate professionals is in the “very high to high” category when it comes to honesty an ethics. At the bottom of the list are members of congress, with only 7% trusting the ethics and honesty of their elected representatives.

With so many shady competitors, it is great to see the quality, trustworthy agents rising above the rest of the pack.

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