Real Estate Agents Tricked in Connecticut

This site has hosted its fair share of fraud stories, but the victims are usually outside of the real estate community. Not this time. In this fraud case, real estate agents fell victim to the bad guy.

New York resident Frank Podpolucha approached two agents as Edward Blake, a seller looking to unload a property quickly for a bargain. The low price should have been a red flag.

The fraudster offered to sell the property, which he did not own, for a bargain cost and asked for a small down payment up front. The $2,500 down payments were turned over and “Edward” was never seen again.

Podpolucha’s apparent partner in crime was Kassiem Miley, who acted as a driver and business partner to Podpolucha, was apprehended at a traffic stop. He was charged with two counts of identity theft and one count each of first-degree larceny, second-degree forgery, third-degree larceny, and criminal impersonation.

Knowing who you are dealing with is vital to remain safe in real estate. If you are working with a new agent, always interview them and call references to make sure you and your money are safe.

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