Real Estate Heir Implicated in “Vampire Murder”

The real estate heir to a Canadian fortune is accused of committing an atrocious murder in California. Screenwriter Blake Leibel, heir to the Canada Homes Inc. fortune from the company managed by his father.

Canada Homes Inc. has built over 30,000 homes in Canada, and is based in the Toronto area.

Blake Leibel, son of magnate Lorne Leibel, is accused of torturing, mutilating, and murdering his girlfriend, 30 year old Ukrainian model Iana Kasian. In addition to torture and murder, Kasian’s blood was drained from her body, which was found barricaded in her West Hollywood apartment shared with Blake Leibel.

Leibel denies involvement with the murder, but is held without bail and faces a first degree murder charge. If convicted, Leibel faces the death penalty.

Blake has reportedly struggled financially working to maintain his lavish Hollywood lifestyle while he writing work is not seeing the success it had in the past. He is known for writing violent stories used in comic books and television.

The financial support from his family was generated primarily through his father’s real estate business. Lorne Leibel is a thrill-seeker known for racing Ferrari cars and was a member of the 1976 Canadian Olympic sailing team.

At this point, it looks like inheriting his parent’s real estate fortune is the last thing on Blake Leibel’s mind. Leibel and Kasian had a three week old baby at the time the murder was committed. The baby was elsewhere at the time and is unharmed.

Read the whole story at The New York Post.

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