Realtor Gives Listing Presentation to Grieving Family At Funeral

Unfortunately, this is a true story that happened to me personally.  I was approached at my grandmother’s funeral by a real estate agent, wanting to list the house I was about to inherit.  The story gets worse….

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5 thoughts on “Realtor Gives Listing Presentation to Grieving Family At Funeral

  1. That’s the cruelest person I have ever heard of. Doesn’t he have any respect at all? You’re still grieving for your grandmother’s death and there he is like snake that’s going to strike you while you are in pain.

    • Alisa:
      Actually I thought of it more as stupidity than cruelty. While he was trying to sell me, all I could think about was how stupid he was, however the woman I was dating at the time was sitting across the room and noticed I was clinching my fist for some reason and had to come over out of curiosity.

  2. Gosh, I think they are just desperate realtors who have gotten no sales! What a shame indeed!

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