Realtor Hires a Homeless Man to Promote Business

Apparently Chris Rezac, a homeless man in Denver really “Will Work for Food.”  After observing Rezac several times standing on a street corner holding up a sign asking for assistance, a local Denver Realtor and real estate broker, Joe Manzaneres wanted to find a way to help the homeless man while promoting his real estate business.  Manzaneres decided to hire Rezac to hold up a sign that reads “I’ve been sponsored by RE/MAX” to promote Manzaneres’ business.  Besides providing a steady paycheck, Manzanares also gave him new clothes and a haircut.  He’s also trying to help him get a cell phone, bus pass and creating a resume.

It’s a win-win for both the Rezac and Manzaneres.  Rezac gets an opportunity to get out of his homeless situation and Manzaneres gets cheap advertising, free media coverage, and an opportunity to help someone in need while benefiting his real estate business.  Manzaneres is also trying to find Rezac a home and currently working with the Denver Homeless Coalition, to try to expand the idea of sponsorship into a program and get other potential sponsors involved.

If this sponsorship idea catches on, maybe someday we’ll be able to hire the homeless to host open houses.

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2 thoughts on “Realtor Hires a Homeless Man to Promote Business

  1. This is a great feel-good story. It also serves as a reminder of the secondary opportunities in the real estate industry. I heard that realtors and real estate agents account for like 2 percent of Canada’s entire economy. Of course, it also makes me think that the industry and its 6 percent commission is ripe for disruption.

    • It is ripe for discussion as technology starts to make the valuable data that you once hired a real estate agent to reveal public.

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