Robbers Posing as Agents

A Houston woman got more than she bargained for when a real estate agent called last minute asking to bring a client by for an unscheduled home showing. What the homeowner didn’t know, however, was that the agent was not actually an agent. And the client was not really look to buy a home.

When the fake agent called, she used the name of an actual licensed agent from an actual licensed real estate agency. She even provided an actual, real license number before being allowed into the house.

Once the woman was inside, she and her accomplice stole watches, jewelry, and a credit card while “touring” the home. These robbers posting as agents made their way through drawers and home storage to get the best valuables they could get their hands on quickly.

After reporting the crime to the police, the homeowner learned that the pair was responsible for a burglary spree using the fake real estate agent story all over town. The are believed to have stolen over $30,000 worth of items.

The story was not all good and easy for the thief, as the police began tracking credit card activity from the stolen card. Not long later, 40 year old Rebecca Bench was behind bars and her accomplice, 41 year old Laura Campas, was identified.

While this homeowner lost her goods, it is a good learning experience for home sellers around the country. Always use smart security tips and ask your agent how they are keeping your property and possessions secure during open houses and when visitors are touring the property.

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