Sex Sells, But It Got This Real Estate Agent Arrested

I’ve always heard that “Sex Sells Real Estate.”  Apparently sexiness combined assertiveness doesn’t make a good combination.  Real estate agents can be known for being assertive, after all, that type of personality trait is often advantageous in sales-based jobs such as real estate. However, one real estate agent’s over-assertiveness landed him behind bars with a sexual battery charge.

Noel Pottinger, an Indiana real estate agent with the Evansville’s Front Door Pride Program was arrested after making unwanted advances toward a client. Pottinger called a client requesting that she complete some paperwork. Upon arriving at the client’s home, he allegedly began to make inappropriate advances and comments toward his client. When the client refused his advances, even going so far as to push Pottinger away, Pottinger reportedly attempted to force the victim into her bedroom.

The victim texted her boyfriend who then called 911. Dispatches stayed on the line with the victim until police arrived. They found Pottinger wearing only his undershirt, underwear, and socks. He was taken to the Sherriff’s Command Post where he declined to be interviewed.

Pottinger, who was enlisted by the city of Evansville to sell homes in the Front Door Pride program was booked in the Vanderburgh County Jail on preliminary charges of sexual battery and criminal confinement. He is being held without bond.

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