Sex Sells Real Estate

They say that sex sells, but that logic is usually applied to industries such as fashion, adult beverages, and tourism. Real estate has always been a more conservative industry in terms of advertising. Well, until now.

A group of real estate agents has turned online real estate listings upside down by including some racy photos with models in the listed properties.

Rather than take traditional property photos, or staged photos with well decorated rooms and high end furniture, these photos have staged homes decorated with scantly clad men and women.

No longer do you have to imagine what the morning after a late night of partying would look like, as you can see a passed out, nude woman on the couch as a nude male is walking away. Maybe you want to know what a lingerie clad woman would look like in the bathroom? You’re covered there too.

As a buyer, it is important to remember you are buying the home, not an evening with the people in the photos, but as a seller, if the photos drive extra attention and extra offers, it could drive up the sale price. However, no formal study has been published reporting how the sexy photos are impacting the sales prices.

In the mean time, enjoy the photos (unless you are at work and they frown on naked people showing up on your computer screen). As the saying goes, sex sells.

See the photos at AOL Real Estate.