Son Uses Mom’s Realtor Lockbox Key to Burglarize Homes

When most people hire a Realtor, they are hiring a trusted real estate agent to help them sell their home. That’s why three homeowners were shocked when, shortly after handing over the keys, their homes were burglarized.

Miguel Francisco Molina-Almonte and friend Kameron Schuler face burglary and grand theft charges after breaking into three homes in West Boca in Florida. Molina-Almonte began his crime spree by stealing his mother’s lockbox key and taking an SUV registered in her name.

At each of the homes, the crime duo used Molina-Almonte’s mother’s keys to open lockboxes and let themselves into the homes. They made off with kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, and a stove. Molina-Almonte admitted to selling stolen electronics from the homes at a pawn shop for $50.

What will they get for their efforts? Most likely jail time. As of the writing of this article, Molina-Almonte was released from jail and Schuler is being held unable to pay $18,000 in bail. While Molina-Almonte was arrested at a Walmart in December for larceny, he can expect a much bigger punishment for grand theft and burglary.

We are used to seeing rotten real estate agents commit fraud and other criminal acts on this site, but a stolen lockbox key by a family member is a first. Even when you hire a top real estate agent, sometimes bad things happen.

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