Dead Body Found in Garage

dead body in car
Real estate investors commonly buy homes in “as is” condition. this often leads to cleaning out nasty messes from prior owners and tenants, and usually results in bringing on a cleaning crew or remodeling part of the home. However, you rarely expect to take ownership of a home to find the body of the previous owner rotting in the garage. Continue reading

Former Real Estate Agent Chauffeured A Mummified Corpse In Her Car For Months

In Costa Mesa, California, a 57-year-old former real estate agent, was caught with a mummified corpse of a woman in the passenger’s seat of her 1997 Mercury Marquis.  The police are trying to discover the female corpse’s identity.  All they know is that she was a transient from the Fountain Valley area, known to the driver as Signe.  Police estimate that Signe had been dead for three to ten months due to the amount of decomposition and mummification.  Her body only weighed 30 pounds when she was discovered.   Police officials are studying her DNA and dental records to discover her identity. Continue reading