Insurance And Arson – Avoiding Foreclosure Without Damaging Your Credit

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Why risk losing your home to foreclosure if you can’t make the payments?  Why should you ruin your credit because you can no longer afford the house you live in?  An Arkansas attorney and real estate developer, Aaron Jones may have come up with a unique approach to get out of debt while keeping his FICO score intact.  Burn the heavily insured house down and collect the insurance money.  Somehow, he thought that would be a good idea.  The State of Arkansas and the insurance company disagree.  Continue reading

Bombs Found In Two Houses

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In District Heights, Maryland, a real estate agent was inspecting a recently foreclosed home and found what appeared to be two pipe bombs left in the basement, believed to be left by the previous owner.  In an effort to retaliate against the bank, he is suspected of booby-trapping the house with two explosive devices.  The real estate agent called the bomb squad and the devices were disposed of.  So, while buying your next foreclosure, you’d better get a home inspection, termite inspection, foundation inspection and now, a bomb inspection too. Continue reading