Property Zoning Nightmares: How City Government Destroyed Josh Terry

A few months ago, I heard about a 29 year-old couple,  Josh Terry and his wife Jenn, who bought a building in Oak Cliff, a suburb in Dallas, Texas, and converted it into apartments, or should I say, was in the process of doing it before the city, that initially approved the project and issued many permits for it, changed their minds and shut them down.  Today, Josh Terry informed me of new developments in the story and sent me a link to the Dallas Observer’s article detailing those recent developments. Continue reading

City of Dallas Screws Investor Out of $100,000

Think government is there for the people?  Think again.  In Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas, Texas, a real estate investor named Josh Terry decided to fix-up an existing multifamily property in the Oak Cliff area.  He got a ruling on zoning, obtained permits, and did everything legal.  The city gave him their blessings, permits and permission to perform the renovation.  The remodeling started.  New paint, new tiles, new carpet and after $100,000 invested in the project the building was starting to show improvements then the unthinkable happened.  Continue reading