Four Texas Cities Rank In The Top 10 For “Most Sex-Happy” Cities

Attention Relocation Specialists:

Looking for ways to convince people to relocate to Texas? Looking for an upbeat, non-apocalyptic real estate ranking where we rank among the highest? Look no further. Now we have a ranking we can be proud of. According to Men’s Health Magazine, Texas dominates the top 10 with four cities ranking as the most “sex-happy” cities. I can hear relocation specialists now, “Want sex? Come to Texas!” Living in Dallas, Texas, I’d like to think I did my part to help with this ranking but I see I have some work ahead of me if we’re ever going to be number one. Time to take one for the team! Continue reading

Naked Real Estate Agent Caught Servicing Client

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Apparently when he shows a house, he SHOWS EVERYTHING!  The homeowner’s son walked in on their naked real estate agent and another man undressed in their master bathroom.  Police said a 46-year-old real estate salesman from Morris and his client, a 25-year-old Chicago man, were found naked just before noon Thursday in the master bathroom in a house on the 4400 block of White Ash Lane in Naperville, IL.  I guess the homeowners will have to sit down with the son to have a talk about the “birds and the birds, or bees and the bees.” Continue reading