The New Road Warriors – Mad Max Meet The Mad Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents may be on the bottom of the popularity list, ranking below lawyers and used car salesman, but we shine in one area.  Real estate agents have the distinction of ranking as high as #4 on the latest list of “top 10 crashers by profession,” according to  While Doctors rank #1, Real estate agents are still a force to be reckoned with. mentioned one possibility for real estate agents ranking high in automobile accidents was that they spend so much time in the car, often being distracted by clients.  I’ve often observed real estate agents trying to combine interacting with clients, reading maps, talking on a cell phone, and looking at house numbers, with driving a car and navigating unfamiliar territories.  With multi-tasking like this, something’s got to give. estimates that, “for every 1,000 real estate brokers, there’s an average of 102 accidents and 39 speeding tickets each year.” didn’t comment on whether or not a large number of real estate agents being woman had any bearing on the increased ranking.

So not only do we have the public opinion of being overpaid and obsolete, we may be perceived as dangerous too.  Oh well, at least we’re ethical.  So, the next time you see a car with a real estate agent sign stuck on it, don’t just take it as a form of advertising, you’d be better off taking it as a warning because we’re the new road warriors!

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