Thieves Target Open Houses & Other Real Estate Robberies

It’s open season on open houses. Home buyers aren’t the only people touring your home. Thieves are too. The Aldergrove Star reports “These crimes are committed by thieves posing as potential homebuyers attending open houses or walking through homes for sale with a Realtor. The thieves will distract the Realtor, perhaps asking for a tape measure, and while the Realtor facilitates the request, property is pocketed. Property targeted during these thefts includes laptops, jewelry, designer purses, small electronics, and other miscellaneous items.”


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2 thoughts on “Thieves Target Open Houses & Other Real Estate Robberies

  1. Thieves now a days are very creative when it comes to stealing things. They tend to develop new techniques on how to effectively steal other peoples property.

    • Mike:
      Yes, I too am surprised of their creativity. I recently heard of a new robbery technique gaining in popularity. It’s called Flash Looting. You’ve heard of Flash Mobs, people that meet at a specific place and time and do something attention getting, and the whole process is coordinated thru services like Twitter? Flash Looting is similar but it involves 20 or more people suddenly rushing into a store, stealing merchandise and leaving in less than a few seconds. It’s creating a problem for several store owners. Personally I’d try to lock them in and make them regret it.

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