Top 10 Ways To Know You’ve Hired A Bad Real Estate Agent

These are the top 10 ways to know you’ve hired a bad real estate agent to buy or sell your house.

10.  When asked to provide references from past clients, he mentions that impending litigation makes it difficult.

9.  When you call the state ethics violation hotline, they ask, “what has he done this time?”

8.  She makes you drive your car when looking at houses, and makes you run her errands.

7.  Her literature shows pictures of her from three facelifts ago.

6.  Your MLS listing has no pictures and in the description, it simply says “House.  Want it?”

5.  He’s offered a commission rebate for years, but none of his clients have ever correctly done everything required to receive it.

4.  You spend more time talking to his voicemail than you do him.

3.  When you buy a house, he suggests you make the check out to him and he’ll take care of it.

2.  You see a “Tipping Appreciated” cup on the dashboard when she takes you to look at houses.

1.  His notorious real estate tactics are the stuff of legend and often mentioned in Really Rotten Realty and AgentHarvest changes their motto from “helping you find top real estate agents” to “we protect you from her.”