Trashing Foreclosed Homes

The banks aren’t the only ones hurt when foreclosed homeowners vandalize their homes before being kicked out.  See how far some actually go to get back at the bank.  Find out who the real victims are, besides the bank.

Question:  Are they trashing houses in your area and what forms of vandalism have you seen?

3 thoughts on “Trashing Foreclosed Homes

  1. The post is quite informative about trashing foreclosed homes which is one of the vital issue faced by people and banks. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I’ve seen some pretty nasty things out here in phx. Doors get removed, entire sinks taken. Even concrete poured down toilets.

    • I’ve seen cement too but luckily it was on a pier and beam foundation so the pipes were easily accessible. The worst thing I saw in a house was human fecal matter. Apparently a squatter was living in this house and chose one bedroom to leave his waste in. Scattered evenly around the room was a pile. It looked like fecal Twister. Maybe that’s why they’re called “squatters.”

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