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Actual Examples Of Bad Real Estate
Agents In Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas

The Never Ending Sale.

The house with the most cumulative days on market currently for sale.

May 2010 - 2778 days

The Insert Picture Here Award
The number of active listings featured on MLS that have no photographs.

May 2010 - 2048 listings with no pictures, 2745 listings with only one picture.

I'm #1 Award
A Google search for real estate agents ranked #1 in Dallas, Texas.

May 2010 - search produced 2320 results

The Effective Negotiating Agent Award
This award goes to the agent that gave the greatest discount we could find for a house that sold this month.

May 2010:
- A house priced over $250,000 sold with a discount of 26% off the list price.
- A house priced under $250,000 sold with a discount of 51% off the list price.

Data obtained from ACTIVE listings in the Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area MLS (NTREIS).

More Real-World Examples of
Really Rotten Real Estate
in the news.

Really Rotten Realty® was created by AgentHarvest to show
what could go wrong if you hired the wrong agent.

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