12 Most Demanded Services Agents Should Provide

Homeowners should demand a minimum level of service from their agent before they’re hired. Here are some of the most effective services that clients should require their agents to provide. Most homeowners are not aware of what duties a real estate agent performs so it’s really easy for lazy real estate agents to get away with sub-standard performance. That’s why it’s important to let the agent know what you expect before you hire them and let them know that you will terminate the contract if the agent doesn’t provide these service standards. Here are a few of the services you should demand from your agent. Continue reading

Top Ten Ways To Avoid Getting Ripped-Off By Flat-Fee Real Estate Agents

Think all flat-fee listing services are the same? I did too until I talked with John Prell, Broker of Creekview Realty, a flat-fee agency in Texas. He had a lot to say about how some agents misrepresent their offerings and why it’s important to do your homework when choosing a flat-fee real estate agent. Here are some tips that John strongly recommends to keep you from hiring the wrong flat-fee agent. Continue reading

Don’t Be Too Cheap When Using A Flat-Fee Listing Agent

The flat-fee listing agency type of service has been around for a while. A flat-fee listing gives you the opportunity to have your house listed on MLS for a flat fee plus the buyer’s commission. Usually a flat-fee listing involves the agent adding your house to the local multiple listing service (MLS), giving you a sign for the yard, a lockbox for the door and registering you in the centralized showing system that agents use to setup appointments for showings, if your local real estate market uses a scheduling service. There are other options available to you but for those are the basic service you should insist on. From that point, you’re on your own. Continue reading