How to Get the Most from an Open House Visit

If you are looking to buy a home, the season is upon on us! Spring and summer are the hottest times of the year to buy a home, and with the season nearly upon us open house signs are popping up across the country. If you are planning an open house visit, make sure to go into it with a game plan so you get the best result for your efforts. Continue reading

How Buying Real Estate is Like Dating

Did you think your dating days were behind you? Think again. Buying real estate is just like dating. From courting to making a long-term commitment, your adventures in dating have many similarities to searching for and buying a home. By applying what you learned dating to your next real estate search, you can enjoy a more pleasant house hunting experience. Continue reading

5 Surprising Factors Affecting Your Home’s Value

Hidden factors that can hurt your home's value

It is common knowledge that factors such as location, neighborhood schools, and the age of the house itself will affect the overall value of your home. When it comes time to consider selling, it is important to keep these in mind as well as making the necessary appliance upgrades and infrastructure updates. What many don’t know, however, are the hidden factors that can oftentimes negatively impact your home’s value. Below are five such surprising kickers. Continue reading

5 Easy and Inexpensive Home Staging Ideas

Easy and inexpensive home staging tips

Getting your home ready for sale can involve major effort and expense. Before you even look into hiring real estate agents, you may have to contend with replacing roofing or fixing code violations.

When it comes to home staging, you might not have a ton of money at your disposal. Here are just a few easy and inexpensive ideas that can help you to stage your home for a speedy sale. Continue reading

How to Prepare to Sell Your Home

Aside from finding the right Realtor, you will need to follow these steps outlined in order to best prepare to sell your home.

It’s time to move. That means it’s time to get your home ready for the housing market. You’re going to need to do some work both inside and out to make it the most desirable and sought-after listing among all buyers who are looking for a home. Continue reading

How to Create an Open House Bidding War

Image created by Stuart Miles, provided by

Image created by Stuart Miles, provided by

Your home’s first open house is critical. It’s the first time both buyers and Realtors get a real opportunity to see everything the property has to offer. It is also the first chance someone has to vet the legitimacy of the listing price relative to others like it on the market. If you have a gem on your hands then your first open house becomes the battleground for potential buyers.  With any luck, you can create an open house bidding war. Continue reading

Getting Your Open House Right

Open house with RealtorSelling your home is one thing. Selling it well is another. A key component of selling well starts with getting the open house right. An open house is typically when a broker or prospective buyer’s gets a first impression of a property. In a hot market like todays where demand is typically outpacing supply, homeowners are finding that the open house sets the battleground for a bidding war. Of course that’s dependent on the success of the open house. So what goes into a successful open house? Whether you have a seasoned Realtor to get the job done or you are going it alone, there are some tried and true steps to making sure your open house goes off without a hitch and you get buyers lined up with bids after the fact. Continue reading

5 Crime Prevention Tips to Avoid Getting Robbed During an Open House

thieves at open houses
Your home is your pride and joy. Although you might be ready to part with it for the next chapter in your real estate life you don’t want one of your final memories to be that of the prized possessions inside it going missing. While you may be coveting the additional thousand square feet in the home down the street, someone else might be coveting the irreplaceable fine china on display in your dining room armoire. This problem appears to be a double-edged sword: on the one hand you want your home to show at its very best but on the other you may be attracting burglars and thieves with your “showboating.” Don’t fret…the best defense is a good offense and when it comes to securing your home during an open house that means taking the right measures to avoid becoming a victim of your own open house.
Continue reading

Why Burglars Love Open Houses & Virtual Tours

Thinking about having an open house or creating a virtual tour to sell your home?  Be careful not to reveal to much about your house.  Not only do open houses, virtual tours, brochures, and MLS pictures  attract buyers, but if you reveal too many details, you could be advertising to thieves and burglars too.  Thieves love virtual tours and MLS pictures because they can be used to “case” your house from the comfort of the thief’s home.   Follow these tips to reduce your exposure and prevent your marketing activities from attracting the wrong type of shopper? Continue reading