Chicago Homeowner Sues Zillow Over Poor Estimate

A particular home shows up on popular real estate website Zillow with a Zestimate of $551,252, a fair estimate of the value by some measures. But the owner doesn’t think Zillow is even in the right ballpark, as the home last sold for $626,000. Unfortunately for Zillow, the owner of that home is a lawyer, and she decided to sue Zillow over its valuation of her suburban Chicago home. Continue reading

The Merger and the Death of NAR

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National Association of Realtors

Real estate buyers and sellers are not the only ones making moves these days. As the technological revolution continues to make gains in every corner of every industry worldwide, it is no surprise that disruption is coming to the real estate world too—but at what cost? More importantly: at who’s cost? In an age where information travels a mile a millisecond via the click of a button, consumers—those who passively and actively troll real estate information portals—have much to gain from emerging technologies in the real estate space. Agents, on the other hand, have some (or more, depending on your marketing strategies) cause to worry about their business. Continue reading