A Historic Medieval Village Is Now For Sale in Italy

Have you ever fantasized about owning a piece of the Italian countryside? Well, today is your lucky day! Valle Piola, a historic medieval village is now for sale in Italy, in its entirety. The price of the sprawling village, which is nestled in the Gran Sasso national park is £485,000 (approximately $736,000 US dollars).

Valle Piola is located in the central Abruzzo region, and is surrounded by wild and mountainous terrain in the heart of one of Italy’s largest national parks. It lies at an altitude of more than 3,000 feet, and is connected to civilization by a single dirt road. While there are many abandoned hillside villages in Italy, Valle Piola stands out with its 11 stone crafted buildings, two shepherds’ houses, and a 13th century church.

With no available funds to protect, nor restore the village, it was put on the market by the local council along with an individual who owns a few of the buildings. The sellers hope to find a buyer who will renovate the village, which has been abandoned for approximately 30 years. Some options for renovation include turning the individual buildings into private homes or creating a hotel village out of the entire hamlet. The idea of the hotel village was conceived in another part of the Abruzzo region by a developer who turned the deteriorating village of Santo Stefano into a luxury boutique destination. According to Daniele Palumbi, mayor of the nearby town of Torricella Sicura, there has been a fair amount of interest in Valle Piola from potential buyers in Italy.

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