Santa Barbara Agency Sues over Stolen Information

There is no crime in leaving your job to work for a competitor, but when you leave, you cannot take your former employer’s confidential information with you. In Santa Barbara, California, Coldwell Banker is suing startup real estate firm Compass for luring away a top manager and stealing confidential information. The stolen information in question relates to top performing agents. Continue reading

Buyer Wants out of Serial Killer House

Buying a new home is exciting, but requires spending some time on due diligence. As part of the deal, your agent should do some checks into the history of the property. Sometimes that brings up deaths, criminal activity, and other undesirable history. Other times, it brings up nothing, until it is already too late. Continue reading

Some Agents Should Lose their Real Estate License

If someone gets hit with a lock box, the attacker belongs in jail, not on the street selling real estate. However, the Minnesota Department of Commerce decided a seven month suspension was plenty for this dangerous agent.

Not only did agent Bill Bernier, a licensed real estate agent in Minnesota, beat a client with a lock box, he also violated a restraining order and threatened employees of a Saint Paul based inspection company. Continue reading

Are Realtor Lockboxes Safe?

A string of lockbox thefts came to an end when Arkansas police arrested Amanda Tester, an executive at Cooperative Arkansas Realtors Multiple Listings Services. One would hope that a licensed real estate agent would do the right thing, but readers of this site know that not all agents are as trustworthy as they would lead us to believe. Continue reading

Houston Realtor Sells $389,000 House for $150


Houston real estate agent Michael Wachs has a trick up his sleeve. He is selling his nearly $400,000 Houston home to one lucky winner for only $150!

But if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. In this case, your $150 enters you into a pool, and Wachs will only sell if the home draws enough sales to reach the market rate. At $150 each, it will take about 3,000 entries to reach the level he wants to sell. If he does not reach his target, he will refund all applicant entry fees and sell the property with a standard listing. Continue reading

Agent Affair Ends with Death Threats

Having a one night stand is not an uncommon phenomenon, but having one with your boss rarely ends well, as was the case with real estate agent Megan Moody in Australia.

The then 31 year old made the poor decision of sleeping with her boss (in her defense, her boss made a poor choice as well) in 2007. Afterwards, things went along smoothly until Moody was fired from her job in 2009. That is when things got weird. Continue reading

Real Estate Agent Steals House

Agents work hard to bring on new clients and earn their trust. As the saying goes, trust is much easier to lose than it is to gain. One agent in Otaki, New Zealand lost the trust of someone who didn’t hire him in the first place.

A home owner decided to sell his home privately rather than hire an agent, but that just hit the wrong nerve with agent Brendon Heenan, who took down the “for sale by owner” sign and replaced it with his own. Continue reading

Sexy Real Estate Advertising

There is a reason people say “sex sells.” In many cases, turning something boring into something sexy gets people excited, but is that an ethical sales tactic in real estate?

One Australian agent thought so. He hired a sexy harem of beautiful, scantly clad women to pose in an advertisement for a home listing. The women wear bikinis and other revealing attire while taking a bubble bath, eating whipped cream covered strawberries, and hanging out around the property. Continue reading