Realtor Caught Stealing on Camera

When you hand the keys over to your agent, you expect that they might do a little bit of cleanup before a tour, but generally your personal belongings should remain undisturbed. But when agents behave badly, they have full access to the entire contents of your home, including your wardrobe.

One seller in Maryland had a bad experience with an agent when they found razor blades in their garbage disposal, so they fired their agent and found a new one. This family must have had really bad luck, because the second agent was a lemon as well.

The home owner setup security cameras after their first bad experience, and caught their new agent red handed stealing women’s clothing from the home.

While most perverts would make a v-line for the underwear drawer, Realtor Stephen Brumme was caught stealing shirts from this dresser. Get the whole story at HyperVocal.

You never want to be victim of a Realtor caught stealing, and that’s why it is so important to have a trustworthy agent. Ask smart interview questions and vet your agent’s references before making a final decision.