Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite, Unless You Have A Good Lawyer

Bed bugs can hop on someone’s clothes while sitting on a friend’s couch or jump in a suitcase on a hotel stay. A few hours later, you are on the way to a full bed bug infestation.

While the bugs were busy invading luxury hotels, schools, and city offices in New York City, it is tough to deal with the critters when you live in a multi-unit building, as many New York residents do. Even worse is when you live in a rental and your landlord ignores your pleas for assistance. Continue reading

Social Network for Leads? Try Handing Out $20 Bills Instead.

Real estate agents are always looking at ways to increase leads and build a larger client base. New clients are the lifeblood of a successful real estate business. But can an agent survive on their social network alone?

Real estate writer Matt Jones did an analysis of client harvesting from one’s own social network, and the results were not compelling. Continue reading

Foreclosure Expert Faced with Own Foreclosure

She’s not only the founder of, a website that provides investors and homeowners with foreclosure information and guidance, she’s also a member herself. Alex McGee, known as the “foreclosure guru” recently fell behind on the mortgage payments for her custom designed 4,775 square foot home, and was faced with a tough decision. A decision she’s recommended many times to her investor clients and homeowners over the years. Continue reading

Seeking Real Estate Investor Apprentice – $20,000 a Month… SERIOUSLY?

Have you seen these signs lately?  If you live in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas area like I do, they’re on every busy intersection.  They’re usually small signs, the size of open house signs, mounted on a little metal stick and stuck in the ground.  Signs like these are called “Bandit Signs.”  And in this case, bandits not only describe the signs, but also describe the people using them.  The signs I’m referring to usually say something like “Seeking Real Estate Investor Apprentice – $20,000 a Month” with a phone number listed at the bottom.  Is this an opportunity to make money?  No.  NO!  NO!!!!!!  Don’t fall for it.  I have some experience with the people behind these signs and I’d like to share it with you so you don’t fall prey to these people trying to fleece the apprentice investor. Continue reading

2264 Real Estate Clients In Dallas/Fort Worth Are Getting Ripped-Off


Here are a couple of shocking statistics you should know about.  Did you know that as many as 4.2% of the houses currently listed on MLS for sale in the Dallas/Fort Worth area do not have any pictures in their MLS listing?  And 4.7% only have one picture.  Added together, that’s 8.9% out of all active real estate listings in DFW.  That’s a total of 2264 homeowners currently trying to sell their house with inadequate MLS listings? Continue reading

The Robo-Descriptor 9000 – MLS Descriptions Made Easy

Robo-Descriptor 9000 - MLS Description Generator
PRESS RELEASE August 31, 2011 – Dallas, Texas

Really Rotten Realty is proud to announce the release of the Robo-Descriptor 9000 – MLS Description Generator.  We feel this product is in-line with our other customer-focused products and a great fit for Really Rotten Realty’s product offerings.  Now we can create effective listings and offer our clients the quality of service we feel they deserve while minimizing our efforts.  Continue reading