Broker on ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ Under Investigation by State for “A Little White Lie”

As I’ve always said, virtual tours can be a nice enhancement to a listing photograph, but too much enhancement should be considered an unethical practice and should also be considered fraud.  Here is an example of too much enhancement. Continue reading

Sexy Staging – Using Sex To Sell Real Estate

Want to attract buyers to your listings?  Ever thought MLS listing pictures could be sexy?  You will from now on.  Peters & Associates, a brokerage in the Charlotte, N.C., that specializes in luxury properties, has taken a unique approach to attract buyers to their listings.. Sex!  This Charlotte, N.C. brokerage firm sells “lifestyles” instead of houses and have created a unique approach to achieve this through their listings.  They created two test listings.  The first listing had traditional house photos, but the other listing had “lifestyle photos,” featuring beautiful women posing in the rooms being photographed.  Did it work?  You bet!  Continue reading

2264 Real Estate Clients In Dallas/Fort Worth Are Getting Ripped-Off


Here are a couple of shocking statistics you should know about.  Did you know that as many as 4.2% of the houses currently listed on MLS for sale in the Dallas/Fort Worth area do not have any pictures in their MLS listing?  And 4.7% only have one picture.  Added together, that’s 8.9% out of all active real estate listings in DFW.  That’s a total of 2264 homeowners currently trying to sell their house with inadequate MLS listings? Continue reading