2264 Real Estate Clients In Dallas/Fort Worth Are Getting Ripped-Off


Here are a couple of shocking statistics you should know about.  Did you know that as many as 4.2% of the houses currently listed on MLS for sale in the Dallas/Fort Worth area do not have any pictures in their MLS listing?  And 4.7% only have one picture.  Added together, that’s 8.9% out of all active real estate listings in DFW.  That’s a total of 2264 homeowners currently trying to sell their house with inadequate MLS listings? Continue reading

The Robo-Descriptor 9000 – MLS Descriptions Made Easy

Robo-Descriptor 9000 - MLS Description Generator
PRESS RELEASE August 31, 2011 – Dallas, Texas

Really Rotten Realty is proud to announce the release of the Robo-Descriptor 9000 – MLS Description Generator.  We feel this product is in-line with our other customer-focused products and a great fit for Really Rotten Realty’s product offerings.  Now we can create effective listings and offer our clients the quality of service we feel they deserve while minimizing our efforts.  Continue reading

Virtual Staging: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Lies

Imagine looking at a picture of a beautiful house with an updated kitchen, new carpet, paint, floors, and best of all, at a very low price.  You jump into the car with your real estate agent by your side and you check it out.  When you arrive, the beautiful house in pristine condition you saw pictured on the MLS listing has been replaced by something quite different.  What you see is an ugly house with dingy walls, stained carpets, vandalized kitchen and not a shred of copper to be found in the place.  Believe it or not, it’s the same house pictured in the MLS, except that the house in the MLS has been “virtually staged.” Continue reading