One Third of American Homebuyers Have Bad Credit

Your credit score is the most important metric in measuring your credit. Banks use your credit score like colleges use a high school GPA: it is a number that tells them how well you will do with them in the future.

A study found that about 30% of Americans were being denied a mortgage because of this one metric. Continue reading

Austin Real Estate Bubble Poised to Pop?

Austin, Texas is riding the wave of an economic boom. Thanks to a combination of great weather, affordable cost of living, and popular events like South By Southwest and Austin City Limits, the capital of the Lone Star State has drawn in new residents and visitors pushing up real estate prices to record highs, but will the highs last, or is the Austin real estate bubble poised to pop? Continue reading

Downtown Detroit Real Estate is Picking Up

The economic situation in the “rust belt,” a Northeastern region with a strong industrial history, has taken a big hit thanks to automation and outsourcing in the automotive industry. At the heart of the losses is Detroit, a once thriving city that has seen major economic losses as the big car manufacturers layoff workers, close factories, and ship jobs to the south and overseas. Continue reading

U.S. to Track Secret Buyers of Luxury Homes

Wealthy individuals around the world are always on the lookout for safe and profitable investment opportunities. Some of those wealthy individuals earned that money through criminal activity, and the United States is on the hunt for tax evaders and criminals using shell companies to act as secret buyers of luxury homes. Continue reading

Housing Data Tells a Confusing Story – It Doesn’t Add Up

If you tabulate multiple data sources, housing data tells a confusing story that doesn’t add up.  According to Michael Feder, CEO of Radar Logic, a data and analytics company that produces the RPX value for housing markets in the United States, recently released market data isn’t adding up. Continue reading