Open House Bandits Make Off With $500k

Police in the greater Toronto area saw report after report arrive telling a similar story. Jewelry, coins, antiques, and other valuables were going missing from open houses. It didn’t take long for the tally to reach $100,000, when the police found they were dealing with a string of related robberies from a couple dubbed the “open house bandits.” Continue reading

Are Realtor Lockboxes Safe?

A string of lockbox thefts came to an end when Arkansas police arrested Amanda Tester, an executive at Cooperative Arkansas Realtors Multiple Listings Services. One would hope that a licensed real estate agent would do the right thing, but readers of this site know that not all agents are as trustworthy as they would lead us to believe. Continue reading

Stealing Prescription Drugs from Open Houses

On occasion, most of us will end up with a prescription for a pain killer. Whether you had an injury, surgery, or illness, it is not uncommon to head home from the doctor’s office with Vicodin, Percocet, or another pain killer. But when left alone in an open house, you may find your drugs have gone missing. Continue reading

Open House Thief Caught

In Columbus, Ohio, police caught one of two suspects believed to be responsible for a number of area robberies that took place during Open Houses.  When local Realtors first became aware of the problem they started photographing vehicle license plates of people entering their clients’ houses.  These photos eventually helped to track down the suspects and catch one of them. Continue reading